Tangerine Dreams

Today I ordered some new Fiestaware. The new color is tangerine and I can’t wait to add it to the mix! I’ve collected Fiesta since I graduated from college in 1991. I chose the new Fiesta as my dinner china, but began collecting vintage Fiesta as well. I have a meager collection – in fact, my new Fiesta far outnumbers the vintage stuff. But I love the colorful combinations that can be made with the 15 place settings I have.

I’ve been planning on taking inventory on my post-1986 collection – almost all of my stuff is packed away in boxes and I truly can’t remember what I do and don’t have. But today I placed an order for some tangerine as well as a piece of Shamrock, which was the color they added last year. I also splurged and ordered a few other specialty pieces I knew I didn’t have. I must do the inventory – if only to organize it all a bit better in the boxes stored in the basement.

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