Talk About a Challenge

Okay, so when Cute Admin left my company she bequeathed to me a plate she painted at one of those make-your-own-painted-pottery places. This plate sat on her desk and was used as a candy plate, and now that it’s been given to me the demand for candy has gotten to the point where my boss just came and asked me to go fill it up.

So down I went to the drug store in the basement of my building and stocked up on various individually wrapped candies such as caramels, life savers, tootsie rolls, peppermint patties, and other sweet treats. I loaded up the plate and now they are just sitting there. Staring at me. Daring me to have one.

But I won’t do it. No matter how loud it beckons.

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  1. The smart thing to do would be to purchase candy that you detest! That way there is no desire to eat it.

  2. You’re good. You have a will like iron. I’m not sure what that means, but you got it.

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