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By now you all know I perform in my church’s band. I primarily do keyboard and background vocals and only rarely take the lead on a song. Sadly, the melody of most of our songs are not in my range so the harmonies come more easily because they are usually lower in the register (I’m sing alto or tenor parts mostly).

Last night Christopher was not at rehearsal, so during the practice I sang the lead vocals on the songs for Sunday’s service. We started learning a new song, “Over and Over Again” by Tree63 (I’d link the song but I have no access to Real Rhapsody now and can no longer give you free songs). It’s a great song and the more we practiced it the more I grew to LOVE LOVE LOVE singing the melody of that song.

Towards the end of practice Christopher came in so we went through the song again so he could begin to learn it. Once practice was done I arrived home completely dejected. I told Denis how much I loved that song and really wanted to sing the melody instead of a backup harmony for it. After a brief discussion he encouraged me to ask Christopher. So I ran upstairs and emailed him my request.

I just got Christopher’s response and he said that I can sing the melody. YAY! I’m so excited because I LOVE this song in every way conceivable – even moreso because it’s in my range and I don’t have to stretch to reach any notes. I can’t wait for Sunday!

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  1. Hope the kids don’t get sick so I can actually hear you perform it. Good to hear the news.

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