Taking Cover

It’s raining pretty heavily today. This morning while waiting for the bus I sat all nice and pretty under my umbrella. It’s not one of those super-big umbrellas that most dolts carry around here in NYC (big enough to cover six people). My umbrella is large enough to just barely cover two people and in most cases those two people will still get a little wet on their backside but at least their heads will be dry.

So this morning while waiting for my bus a gentleman came and stood next to me. No umbrella. Just a baseball cap under his hoodie. I stood there debating with myself.

Should I offer up my umbrella to share? No, I’ll probably offer it and he’ll refuse. Yeah, but it’s still raining pretty hard – it’s nice just to offer. No, as soon as you offer the bus will come. But I should still offer it up. But I know he’ll refuse so what’s the point?

On and on my little Smeagol/Gollum conversation went. Finally I turned and said, “You want to get under here so you aren’t soaked?”

“No thanks,” he said with a smile. “I’m okay – I forgot my umbrella this morning, but my coat is waterproof, so I’m all right. Thanks for offering.”

Less than a minute later the bus showed up.

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  1. From the restaurant post and this one it sounds as if you’ve had promptings from the H.S. ~ the first one you ignored and the second you obeyed. It’s such a blessing when we do the latter. 😉

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