Taken: the Miniseries

So I just now got around to seeing the copy of SCIFI Channel’s Taken that my mom taped back in December. I really enjoyed it and am happy that I finally had the chance to sit down and watch all 20 hours.

But wait – I only had to watch 18 hours because my mom didn’t tape Episode 6: Charlie & Lisa. Actually, she DID, but then she rewound the tape and taped Episode 7: God’s Equation right over it. Purely an accident, I know, but it’s weird to be really involved in one storyline only to be advanced 20 years with no explanation.

And don’t get me started on why my mother would use really old VHS tapes to record it. The third tape she used for the final two episodes was so old that I had to switch VCRs to watch beacuse my older VCR couldn’t handle the tracking issues. So for the final four hours I constantly had the tracking bar up on my screen as my VCR did battle with this really awful tape.

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  1. Hi Jaynee I feel your pain, I just stumbled on it at the video store on DVD and it’s such a clean image. VEry exciting too. I watched some of the episodes twice because they were pretty complicated with characters growing up and all. I just loved the whole thing and the final episode was great. Glad they left it open for another go. Hope they come up with something. It was a great series. Most Scifi now leaves me cold but that was good.

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