Take Your Medicine!

This morning began the “Chores and Rewards” charts for the kids. I created them last week but didn’t have stickers to mark down their accomplishments, so it kind of fell by the wayside. For Easter they got a LOT of stickers in their baskets, so this morning I put this week’s chart on the fridge for them to keep track.

CootieGirl earned two stickers this morning – for making her bed and brushing her teeth. She also did GREAT on the “no whining” box, but I told her that she wouldn’t get to put a sticker there until tonight before bed to ensure that she doesn’t whine tonight. She was okay with that.

CootieBoy got to put THREE stickers up – making his bed, brushing his teeth, and using the potty. I should have waited on the potty sticker, but he did SO great over the weekend that I felt an early sticker was worth it. He only had ONE accident this entire weekend, which is phenomenal considering we had two 6-hr car rides to contend with!

The only bad part of the morning was giving CootieBoy his medicine. Last night he did well – in the span of 10 minutes he used the potty (twice), brushed his teeth AND took his medicine with little complaint. I was thrilled and heaped tons of praise and kisses on him. Alas, this morning he cried and protested and basically spit out 90% of the medicine I got in his mouth (and got it all over me and the floor in the process). One quick spank on his butt later and he dutifully opened and took another dose without spitting it out.

We got out the door VERY late this morning (and I was so out of kilter that I forgot to take my weight loss medication which means I have to go home at lunch to take it). Fortunately, there was NO traffic on the road and I got to the office only five minutes late. If it had been a regular traffic day I probably wouldn’t have gotten here until 9:20 a.m. or so.

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