TV: AI8 – Group Two Performs

Hmm…another night of semi-bad performances. I’ll just hit the highlights. I noticed right away that Adam got the pimp spot and Matt got what I will now forever call “The Ricky Spot” (second performer).

Jasmine Murray – very disappointing. I’m glad she picked the Sarah Bareilles song, but she didn’t sing it well. I thought she’d be a lock for the Top 12, but after this performance I’m not so sure.

Matt Giraud – I had high hopes for him given how great he was in Hollywood. And as much as I LOVE that Coldplay song, it did NOT suit his voice at all. Poor guy. He threw his chance away and only the wildcard can save him now.

Nick Mitchell – Love. Him. I … continue on, dear reader!

This………….Is American Idol!

So tonight is the American Idol concert and I’m very excited. Amy told me about the idea of going down early this afternoon to see if we could meet any of the contestants. Alas, I didn’t go, and from her Twitter accounts she did get the autographs of a few people – which makes me laugh since she’s going to meet them all tonight since she finagled backstage passes from a friend of hers. Isn’t almost pointless to get autographs NOW? Although it still makes for the total experience, right? AND by getting the autographs now she doesn’t seem like a giggly fangirl tonight after the show.

Anyway, I’ve got all my technology ready to go. I’d take Denis’ camera, but I don’t want to … continue on, dear reader!

Is Neil Diamond a Christian?

I have to admit I fast-forwarded through Neil Diamond’s performance on Thursday night’s American Idol. However, this morning as I was getting ready for work he performed on the Today Show and this time I was able to listen to his song “Pretty Amazing Grace.”

Uh. Did he convert? I know he’s Jewish – but is it possible he has had a salvation experience? Here are the song lyrics:

Pretty amazing grace is what You showed me
pretty amazing grace is who You are
I was an empty vessel
You filled me up inside
and with amazing grace restored my pride

Pretty amazing grace is how You saved me
and with amazing grace reclaimed my heart
love in the midst

continue on, dear reader!

TV: American Idol – the Elite 8

Randy Jackson is out of his mind. He needs to be replaced as a judge (before Paula gets replaced). Last night was a little weird for me, dog.

Michael Johns – While it’s always tought to sing an Aerosmith song, I thought Michael did a decent job. Yes, it was a bit karaoke, but it was still enjoyable. As I mentioned already, Randy is on crack that Michael is not a true rocker – I think he is. He may SOUND like Michael Hutchence, but I think he gravitates towards that classic rock kind of sound naturally.

Kristy Lee Cook – Ugh. I’m biased – I hate country music for the most part. And what little bit I did hear last night (when I wasn’t … continue on, dear reader!

TV: American Idol 7 – Top Ten

Wow – a very interesting night and one of the strongest all season (first Beatles week is the top so far).

In order of appearance:

Ramiele Malubay, “Alone”: Poor thing. As Denis said, it’s almost like she has just given up. She has a strong voice, but it didn’t show last night. Her performance was completely forgettable and she’s almost definitely in the bottom three tonight.

Jason Castro, “Fragile”: It wasn’t until the chorus that I realized I knew the song. *lol* Jason did a great job (as always save for “Michelle” last week). He may have thought his guitar playing was sloppy, but I thought it was fine.

Syesha Mercade, “If I Were Your Woman”: I’m not a huge fan of the song, but … continue on, dear reader!

American Idol Hits Dallas

Once again a night where no one really stood out. Can we just go straight to Hollywood now?

Fingernail Guy – he got IN? Seriously – he got IN? The fingernails alone would have made me vote “no.” His voice was okay, but not worthy of going to Hollywood. Look for him to be out in the first round once he lands on the beach.

Future President Guy – much like Simon, I did not expect this kid’s voice to be any good. And Randy nailed it when he said the guy was straight-up Glee Club stylee. I’m quite positive that he’ll make it to the Top 12 guys. Why? Because he has a passable voice, he’s likeable, and every season needs a nerd (see: … continue on, dear reader!

American Idol Underway

Last night wasn’t particularly cringe-worthy as in past seasons. I do have a few notes though.

The Glitter Girl: What gets me about her is that she had a decent voice, even though she was doing an impression of Grace Slick rather than singing on her own. When she was done, Simon didn’t tell her she was BAD – in fact he said she’d be good in a cover band. Randy then agreed and continued to tell her she’d be good in a cover band. So the girl leaves after they all said “You are talented, but not right for this show,” and proceeds to have a meltdown. I can’t help but think that was all a set-up on her part. There was NO REASON … continue on, dear reader!