Today was the first workout of my women’s exercise group at church. I got to the office around 8 a.m. and started setting up. I was hoping that we’d have a tv rack there already, but I guess Christopher didn’t have time, so instead we put it on someone’s desk and hooked up the VCR. It ended up being okay but I definitely want it higher next time.

Ten women showed up, as well as me, so it was a nice group for the first workout. Three more would have come but two were out of town and the third was sick, so I’m happy that it seems like it’ll work.

We did one of my old Kathy Smith workout videos. I’ve never done the whole thing – I usually stop at the 30 minute mark, so to finish it was HARD. All of us were sweaty and struggling by the end, but even the most out of shape gave it their all and were happy to be doing something to get fit or lose a couple pounds.

I’m looking forward to Monday night’s workout. We’ll do the same tape for the next few weeks so that by Week 3 we’re all familiar with it and are just flying through it. Then I’ll switch it up and pop in a different tape to challenge everyone again.

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