Swimsuit Season Is Almost Upon Us

Guys – this is a ladies post. You can read if you want to, but it probably won’t interest you in the slightly. You’ve been warned.

Last year I bought a new swimsuit. It was a harrowing process because I am a true pear shape. In fact, most of the time when I buy two-piece outfits of ANY kind, the top usually ends up looking ridonkulous on me because I’m not as well-endowed as they presume fat chicks to be. *sigh* Yeah, you’ll never catch me buying full busted lingerie of any kind. *lol*

Anyway, I found a company that let me buy a bathing suit in separates, so I was able to specify the size top I needed. And do you know that top was STILL too big? ARG!!! But, I had to have a new suit because my old one had no elasticity left whatsoever. And I have to say – this year I’m looking forward to swimsuit season. Sure, I’ll still be big – but not as big as last year. WOO HOOO!!!!

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