I can’t believe how busy I’ve been at work today. You’d think I was leaving or something. :sarcastic: I’ve been working on presentations and the corporate brochure all day long. I also gave up my desk for about 45 minutes so a job applicant could do my downsized PPT test (she failed miserably and I even took the hard stuff out!).

I’ve been asked to find out from all applicants the following:

1) Batman or Spiderman?
2) Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

Also, I have been instructed to require all applicants to tell a funny joke and an anecdote from “the old days”. If they say Batman and LOTR, tell a joke that is not corny and their old days are just as fun as mine were, then they are hired. I think that’s the perfect way to find my replacement. :clap:

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  1. Who told you to ask those questions? I would love an interviewer to ask those kinds of questions – shows the company might be a fun place.

  2. My co-workers asked me. The head honchos were not the ones that asked me. I’ve told my co-workers that I will oblige and see what happens.

  3. You just need to be careful. There are laws on what questions you can and can’t ask a perspective employee. Hate to bust any bubbles.

  4. denis – she can’t ask stuff that’s considered discriminatory. I don’t think anyone would complain about being asked if they prefer LotR or Star Wars. Unless they have no sense of humor.

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