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Tonight is the opener of Survivor: Vanuatu and I’m a little frustrated because the website I used to run a pool is not participating with this season.

I found another website that runs a pool that is not nearly as interesting but looks to be well-run, but not all of my participants can login to the site.

Then I had the idea to use the same website my sister uses to run her “The Amazing Race” pool, but they are not offering a Survivor pool either.

So I finally found another pool, run through Yahoo (but not by Yahoo), but it’s even LESS interesting than the other two. But the pro of this Yahoo-like pool is that voting polls are still open, so even now people can make their picks, and I was still able to create my private team for my original participants.

And besides all that, I’m ALSO a member of yet another Survivor pool that I found that looks good, but I hesitate to send out an email to my potential participants because 1) you can’t create private teams, 2) I’d hate to confuse them by sending out yet ANOTHER link to yet ANOTHER pool.

But in the meantime, I’m participating in THREE Survivor pools now. *lol*

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  1. Nerd.

    Let’s just stick with the lame Yahoo based one. It won’t be as fun, but at least we’ll have TAR6 in another month or so.

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