Survivor Pick’ems Suck

Okay, so I’m no good at doing the Yahoo! Survivor Pick’em. I’ve got a big goose egg after two episodes. I suck. But next week’s episode looks like fun – angst on the Old Timer’s Team.

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  1. After Friends was over I flipped to Survivor. I admit that I’m kind of intrigued…so I’ll probably continue that this season.

    I’m totally rooting for the Old Timer’s Team. The Young Ones are annoying to me.

  2. Jen, I forget. Are you in Jane’s Yahoo Survivor pool? If not, why not? I screwed up last night. I meant to pick the throw-up girl from the first week, but I didn’t know which one she was and I wound up pointing my points on the wrong woman (Erin) by mistake. That sucks! I should be in first place in that pool right now. I’m my own worst enemy.

  3. Tara, I saw that. I was going to congratulate you. Good job. Of course, if I wasn’t stupid and put my points on the wrong person by accident, we’d have a different leader in that pool. *sigh* Maybe next week, after my screenplay is submitted, I’ll have enough time to concentrate on other things, like the Survivor Pool.

    Have you trudged through the screenplay yet? Hopefully the final version that I submit will be tighter and a bit more entertaining overall. You can wait to read that version, if you like. That will be available starting next Friday. Have you signed up at yet? I hope so. Everybody sign up! We’re going to Hollywood!

  4. Denis, I did not join the pool. I have/had no plans to ever watch Survivor. And whatever I see will be partial episodes anyway since I watch Friends first.

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