Surprise, Surprise

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Poll Shows Drop in Bush’s Job Approval

“WASHINGTON – The public’s confidence in President Bush (news – web sites)’s job performance and the nation’s direction has slipped in the opening weeks of his second term, particularly among people 50 and older, according to an Associated Press poll.

“Adults were evenly divided on Bush’s job performance in January, but now 54 percent disapprove and 45 percent approve. The number who think the country is headed down the wrong track increased from 51 percent to 58 percent in the past month. ”

Does anyone want to change his or her November vote? Not too late. The people tossed the California governor mid-term, we can do the same to Bush.

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  1. Yeah, I’ll see your poll and raise you another.

    President George W. Bush’s job approval rating rose to its highest level in 13 months, following his second inauguration, the State of the Union address and elections in Iraq, according to a poll by Cable News Network, USA Today and the Gallup Organization.

    Fifty-seven percent of 1,010 adults surveyed from Feb. 4-6 approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president while 40 percent disapprove. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    It is Bush’s highest job approval rating — and lowest disapproval level — since a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken in January 2004 showed Bush with a 59 percent rating.

  2. Seeing as his popularity is slipping and the people who were on the fence and voted for him because his thugs scared everyone into believing that the North Koreans or the Iranians were going to drop nukes on us if we didn’t increase our deficit to even higher record numbers, just might be ready for a change.

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