Sun bathing on E. 37th St.

NYC sun bather

We were driving back from my sister’s house on Long Island this afternoon after my nephew’s first Communion and what should we see on the streets of Manhattan? A sun bather laying on a towel. He (I think.) was just laying in the narrow street as people were stepping around him. Take it up to the roof next time, buddy.

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  1. Denis…stop getting Jaynee to take pics of you whilst you attempt to darken your stark white appearance!! There are too many cooties on the ground in NY for that!!

  2. My gosh – I would not have believed it if there wasn’t a photo !! – Thats so great !!!

    Only in New York – This truly is a great city – Wouldn’t get that back on the farms in Ireland – Well we wouldn’t get nice weather for a starter – Love it and the fact that you had the camera and shot the picture ??? I think thats even better *lol* !!

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