Successful Tea Party

The women from my church small group got together last night for a few hours to get to know each other a bit better. We’ve been meeting for almost a year, but we’ve spent a lot of time doing studies, or something else, and haven’t had much time to bond. Add on the fact that coming out of the summer (during which we took a break), we lost two of our couples and gained two new ones. So we opted to have a couple events this fall that are gender-specific in an effort to build deeper relationships.

Last night was Ladies’ Night, and we gathered at Katie’s house for tea, scones, “how did you meet your husband” tales and wedding albums. I brought my mom’s tea and scones. The tea was a hit and the ladies all took copies of my mom’s business card, saying they planned on ordering some for gifts at Christmas (she’ll be thrilled to hear that).

The “how I met my husband” stories were fun if only because they were all so different. Katie and her husband were friends in sixth grade and later dated as she entered her junior year of high school and he left for college (they got married after she graduated college). Anna and her husband met through work – they were in different offices but met at a corporate event. She was dating someone at the time, but when she and that boyfriend broke up he swooped in and asked her out. Amy and her husband met while she was a college co-ed and he came back for some Greek alumni fundraiser (they got married several years after she graduated college). And of course, Denis and I met online.

The wedding albums were a hoot. Mine was the most simple – literally just a basic scrapbook with 4×6 pictures. KAtie’s was the most involved because she is a scrapbooker so hers was REALLY fancy. Amy and Anna both had typical wedding albums with fancy 8x10s. Funniest story: Amy having the wrong cake delivered. She was lamenting about how awful it was and how she wanted a very simple cake. When I finally got to the picture of the cake I laughed out loud because the cake was SO tacky and NOT AT ALL Amy’s asthetic. She said the one good thing was at least it tasted good. *lol* AND she got her money back for the error. She also wins for heaviest dress – she had 42 layers of fabric in her wedding dress skirt. Wow.

So anyway, it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is Guy’s Night In, in which they’ll get together at Amy’s house and play the Wii all night. I admit I’m jealous. I wouldn’t mind a night of Mario Kart with the fellas either. Maybe I can convince them to play WiFi so I can join in. *lol*

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  1. Oh, by the way, did you really mean to type “Ladie’s Night” ’cause it’s hurting my eyes. 🙂

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