Stupid Preakness

I’m so upset with myself. I could’ve made some bank in yesterday’s horse race. On Friday after work I went to OTB and made some bets on the race. At the race’s end, I was off by a horse.

I was planning on doing two $10 Quinellas, which means you pick three horses and they can be in any order (Win, Place, Show) as long as they are the top three. But when I picked up the form to fill out, it only let me pick TWO horses, not three. So no Quinellas. So I looked at my two groupings of three that I had written down on a post-it note in my pocket. One trio was War Emblem, Medaglia d’Oro and Harlan’s Holiday. I chose Warm Emblem and Medaglia d’Oro. Then I looked at the other trio, which was War Emblem, Citizen Hero and Magic Weisner. And I chose War Emblem and Citizen Hero. Walked up to the window, made my bets ($5 Exactas, four ways).

Denis and I went out and ran our errands and got home just in time to see the race. I was sad I didn’t win. Even more sad when I realized that if I had gone with War Emblem and Magic Weisner (who took Win and Place) instead of W.E. and Citizen Hero, that I would have brought home $800 on a $5 bet.

Oh well. Belmont is coming up this summer – I’ll try again.

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