Stupid Cache

So yesterday I cleared out my cache on my work computer because I had 500M of temporary internet files. I figured that was a bit much. It took forever, but I was able to finally delete all 31,000+ temporary files I had accumulated over time.

But now I’ve lost all my password cookies. And can’t remember some of them. I usually use the same three passwords, in various incarnations and combinations. But this morning I tried logging into my account and got nowhere fast. So I asked them to email me a new password, but I can’t remember my username at, so I think I had a new password sent to a different Jaynee.

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  1. I did this too 🙁 and now I can not get into my account… I do not remember changing the password but the password I had no longer works. I had to email them plus the last 4 # of my CC. Man I hope thats the card I used!

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