This weekend I shampooed all our carpeting throughout the house. I managed to pour a couple cups of water directly into CootieGirl’s carpet by accident – it’s still wet as of this morning. Oh well. But the house smells better (it started smelling like dog), and it’s amazing how much dirt I got out of all the carpets. I feel much cleaner walking around there now. *lol*

In other news, Denis scored us a pair of tickets for Simon & Garfunkel’s Meadowlands concert in December. I’m totally stoked – he got great seats on the floor, and I’m hoping we can take CootieGirl. How awesome would it be to say her first concert was Simon & Garfunkel?

Speaking of CootieGirl, she’s cutting her first tooth right now as we speak. Last night I put my finger in her mouth to feel her gums and sure enough – I felt the jagged edge of a bottom tooth! YAY for teething!

Lastly, MegaMillions is up to $150M for tomorrow’s drawing. I’ll have houses for you to look at later today.

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  1. Section 5, Row D. Right in the middle of the floor. Just hope we don’t have to stand up the whole time. We’re too old for that, and we’ll be carrying a baby, probably. Remember to bring the ear plugs for her. Even though they are just folkies, we don’t need her getting any damage to the drums causing the Sounds of Silence. *lol*

  2. At $150-$250 a seat on the floor I would be leaving the kid at home…unless you spent your babysitter money on the tickets!

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