Stretching 3 Years Into 5

In October 2006 we bought a new washer/dryer set that came with coupons for three years’ worth of of Tide HE detergent. For the next several months I’d buy the detergent, using the coupons we had been given. I used the last of the coupons a couple years ago, and we had a large stockpile of Tide detergent in our laundry room as a result. The three year anniversary of ownership came and went, and our stockpile of free detergent was still in decent shape.

It is now a full five years since we bought that washer/dryer set, and last night I used the last scoop in the last box of Tide detergent. It was a sad moment, knowing that the days of free detergent are over. We do have a couple bottles and boxes of detergent that we’ve bought in the past year due to incredible sales and coupons, but my plan is to attempt making homemade laundry detergent which will be much cheaper than storebought AND less harsh on our clothes.

As for our washer/dryer, after five years it still runs great and we’ve had no problems with the machines. When we build the new house I plan on taking these machines with me since they have been such good appliances for us.

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  1. You certainly got a great bargain! I love Charlie’s Soap Detergent. It takes up so little storage space and you can order on Amazon, free shipping!

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