Stop Talking About It!

As I mentioned yesterday, our office started it’s own Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. We have 16 ladies signed up, and of the sixteen, six are sitting in my area alone. L-Train and I are very concerned because one of the ladies is VERY overly-dramatic about things.

Take, for instance, what happened at 2 p.m. yesterday. The meeting was at noon, and lasted about an hour. The instructor went over the program, the options, etc. The ladies had their lunches and continued on with their day. Around 2 p.m., the lady in our area began walking around and loudly exclaimed, “I’m going to STARVE to death!”

L-Train said she wanted to yell out, “It has only been TWO HOURS since you started!”

ALL afternoon this lady talked about being hungry. She also talked about food all day long. There is a mailing list on our system for the WW ladies, and after ten minutes of being on the list I asked the administrator to take me off. EVERY MESSAGE was about someone being hungry, or not being able to make it to dinnertime. Or lamenting the loss of [insert treat’s name here]. L-Train has remained on the list for the humor factor.

L-Train and I are in agreement that it’s gonna get old REALLY quickly if these ladies keep talking about being on WW. Some of us just want to put our head down, barrel through and lose the weight – no need to talk about it. When I think about it, I have technically been “dieting” since mid-December and the ONLY time I talk about it is in the lunch room DURING LUNCH TIME when others are already talking about diet issues. But sitting at my desk doing my work, I’m not constantly commenting on my dieting, desire to lose weight, or whatever. I do comment here on Cootiehog, but it’s different because it’s not driving the other people on my floor insane. *lol*

Having said that, can I tell you what I had for dinner last night? I HAD AN ENTIRE TOTINO’S PIZZA. Let me tell you – it was HEAVENLY. During the day I had only had about 300 calories, so I had 1000 to work with. The Totino’s pizza I chose was 700 calories. So I baked it and ate the whole thing (for those that don’t know – Totino’s are slightly smaller than regular frozen pizzas). It was DELISH. I haven’t had one of those in months and it was worth every calorie. And when I was done I STILL had 300 calories to work with, so about an hour later I had some milk and graham crackers for dessert.

This morning my medication dosage increased from two pills to three. I now take two in the morning and one at night. To offset any possible nausea from the increase, I made sure to have some breakfast (two pieces of cinammon toast) this morning. So far I’m feeling good.

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