Stomach Cramps

A couple weeks ago I was suffering from some MAJOR stomach cramps. Actually, they weren’t stomach cramps – they were situated just below my ribcage and were all over, not centralized in one place. And they HURT. Close to pregnancy contraction quality cramps.

Well, I’ve got ’em again. They started up about 30 minutes ago. Which means they are almost definitely attributable to (avert your eyes, men) my monthly cycle since I’m PMSing right now and due to start any moment now.

It can’t happen soon enough. I don’t want to spend another day like I did a couple weeks ago – suffering from debilitating cramps every 10 minutes for 5-6 hours. Ugh – just thinking about it makes my head hurt, too.

Update at 11:00 a.m. – Ibuprofen is my friend. I am loaded up on the stuff and the cramps stopped pretty quickly. I have another dose here for this afternoon in case they come back after this dose wears off. But I hope I don’t have to use it.

Update at 11:07 – spoke too soon. Just had a cramp come through again. It was shorter though, and a bit less painful. Man sometimes it SUCKS being a woman.

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