Spring Cleaning

I took today and Monday off to get our house in order. The spring cleaning went well today. Our garage is packed with stuff for the garage sale that we’re doing in a couple weeks. We finished the dining room ceiling – we had one last strip we had to put up and then we wanted to caulk around the edges to make it more smooth. It looks really nice now – only a couple spots look fishy, but you really have to look to find ’em.

Denis bought my door primer at Home Depot today and so I slathered on a coat of the grey primer on the front door – it’ll be red by Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow Ace & Anthony come over to help do some painting. The kids’ room has had spackle spots all over the walls for over a year now – it’s time to cover them up. But since we don’t have the peach paint anymore we’re just going to paint over the peach with white and be done with it. While they’re here we’re going to go ahead and paint our dingy stairwell, the upper hallway and do the much-needed touchups in our master bedroom (also from painting over a year ago).

Monday the weather is supposed to be REALLY nice so I’m planning on doing a lot of front yard gardening so that it can really show off my red door. I’ll be hitting the local nursery to pick up some annuals that will provide MUCH NEEDED color to the front yard. I think we’re also hoping to paint our back deck and fence on Monday. Those are the kinds of things we need to do while the kids are at daycare, so Monday is the perfect day.

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Spring Cleaning

I’ve determined our closets are way too jam-packed with clothes we don’t wear. I did a massive discard last spring and we ended up with seven huge bags of clothes that we gave to Salvation Army. I’ll do the same thing this year – but this year I plan on being REALLY cut-throat with the clothes hanging in my closet.

I have some size 8 pants, dresses and skirts in there that I haven’t worn in 15 years. I have to face up to the fact that even at my thinnest after I give birth to The Bean, I may only be able to get down to a size 12 (and would be quite thrilled with that, frankly). So what am I going to do? Anything under a size 12 will get put in the pile.

I believe my closet will seem very empty once I do that part of the closet cleaning.

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