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How’s it going? Ready for a cornucopia of topics? Follow me!

1) I’m reading “Rabbit, Run” by John Updike right now. Horrible book. I’m surprised it’s considered a classic. The characters are loathsome and the writing is stale. Hardly any descriptors used at all. For instance, when you read that a speaking character grumbled, stormed, whispered, or moaned, you understand exactly what the author intended for the character to feel when speaking those words. However, John Updike apparently liked to use one single tonal descriptor for any character who spoke out loud: says. He said. She said. That’s it. He doesn’t even give you something like “He said hesitantly,” or “She said humorlessly.” Nothing. You get nothing. I supposed in its own way that is the point – these characters feel nothing, so I in turn feel nothing for these characters. It’s a very bad book. But I’m halfway through, so I’m sticking with it and finishing it.

2) We’re planning some major spring cleaning around the house. Packing up a bunch of stuff (books, movies, knick knacks, etc) and storing it in the attic. I’m ready to do some paring down and have the house become more clutter-free. I’ll be getting started this weekend, getting stuff pulled that I’ll be putting in a neighborhood garage sale in a few weeks.

3) Denis and I went out to celebrate our 13th anniversary last night. Thirteen years! Wow! We went to dinner and saw (appropriately) “Date Night.” I adore Tina Fey. She’s just awesome.

4) I finished a HUGE project yesterday at work. We have a huge policy and procedure book that needs to be updated every year. I got it done Friday – which includes completely reformatting the various 100+ documents involved – and am awaiting final approval which hopefully will come today. VERY happy to have that off my desk! It’s been my world at work for the past 2 1/2 weeks.

5) CootieGirl had her birthday party this weekend at Chuck E. Cheese. She loved every minute of it. It was her first real birthday party (we’ve been loathe to do them until she was older) and she had a blast. Twelve of her school and church pals came, and a good time was had by all. Her actual birthday is this weekend – she’ll be turning SEVEN. Woof. The time is flying by, people.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you two and Happy Birthday to CootieGirl!

    And we’re doing the spring cleaning thing too! I’m on my bedroom right now. I might have to wait until the weather really turns all warm before I make the big switch of my clothes for the summer.

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