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So it’s snowing, which means it’s time to plan a vacation. We already have the 2005 vacation planned – North Carolina for a week in early November. We’ve decided to go crazy for our 2006 vacation and use the Premium Bonus Week that my parents gave us to go to Sint Maarten. I haven’t booked the location yet, although I’ve narrowed it down to three resorts that look the best based on reviews and amenities they offer (that particular website is poorly designed though). North Carolina is a family trip with the kids, Sint Maarten will be The Adults, with the kids and Cooper The Dog packed off to Marmie’s for the week (or Auntie Jen installed at our house).

Denis and I have pretty much decided to buy a timeshare in Bermuda in the next year or so. We have to wait and be responsible with our money first and then we’ll possibly use my bonus in December to put towards a timeshare. We’d specifically buy a timeshare at St. George’s Club which looks absolutely gorgeous.

But since St. George’s has practically NO available for exchanges, our rep recommended Sint Maarten, Isla Margarita (near Venezuela) and the Canary Islands. Isla Marg. we can go with our own timeshare, so we may do that in 4-5 years. Denis has been to Sint Maarten but liked it a lot, thus his willingness to return. It’ll be my first time going and it looks like a lot of fun. I’m not typically a beach person but I loved Hawaii, and figure I’ll love Sint Maarten as well.

I’ve been having problems depositing the week for this trip – it’s a new gift program that still has kinks. I’ve called about six times over the past three weeks with no luck, but the rep I spoke with today said that if I called back tomorrow they’d be able to get me started. She’s having the “supervisor” look at my account and get my reference code activated.

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  1. Since we’re playing babysitter poker, I’ll see your
    Marmie and Jen in Virginia, and raise to Marmie and Jen to watch kids and animals in NJ.

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