Spam…Could It BE More Annoying?

So lately I’ve been getting a lot of pharmaceutical spam in my Cootiehog emailbox. It just started about three months ago – until then I got no spam. Now I get about a dozen offers a day for xanax, vicodin, and various other pharms.

I thought about signing up for, which is a service my sister recently signed up with. However, upon going into my hosting services control panel, I discovered that my hosting service offers SpamAssassin. I enabled it this morning and voila – as of 2:15 p.m. I’ve received NO spams for drugs. No spams at all, actually. That’ll be a nice change.

I love Hosting Matters, my service provider. They absolutely rock and are absolutely the best hosting service for the money. I rarely (if ever) have a problem with them that isn’t solved within 20 minutes or less once I email them.

I won’t miss the spam. Although I had to laugh this morning when I saw that Joan Crawford had emailed me with an offer for Valium. How appropo.

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