Spam Has Found Me

Ugh to spam. For so long I was able to avoid spam in my cootiehog account – but as of my move to MT spam has found me. I was unaware that MT had one major flaw: the ability of spammers to find you and send you crap emails. Apparently I have to load up some code specifically to ward off spam because MT is so easy to crack for spammers.

So, I’m going to see about adding that code today, and I’ve turned off the requirement in the comments field to fill in all info. So don’t put in your email address. Or at least not a REAL one.

edit: those who comment here are fine – spam won’t find them if you put in your email address. But I’ll still leave you with the ability to put in your email or not. But if folks begin abusing their ability to comment anonymously by being rude and stuff, I’ll take that freedom away.

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  1. Take a look at the post you just made. All of our posts to now have our e-mail address showing. Is that because you are working on it? Or did something else change? Wasn’t like that this morning.

  2. Turns out that the comment folks are safe from spam – the spam protect function was active for the comment popup. And I’ve now added the proper code for Denis and me – but the damage has already been done because SOME spiders have found us. ARG.

  3. I had already gotten spam at my cootiehog address, but that’s okay, I very rarely check that address. Once every three or four months. If someone tries to get me there, they are out of luck. Sorry.

  4. I was getting virtually NO spam at my cootiehog address – and was quite thrilled by that. I’d get maybe one spam a week. This morning I logged in and in the past 12 hours I had received five spams. NOT good.

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