Sometimes NJ Just Sucks

So I have to get a new passport. Denis and I have had a long-standing debate over who lost my passport (he did). Neither here nor there, one year later I’ve decided to go ahead and get a new one. So I got the forms from Mare-Bear (who is also applying for her US Passport), and realize that I also have to fill out the forms to report a lost passport. Then I find out that because I have lost a passport I now have to apply IN PERSON instead of just sending off the forms. So I go online and find out that because I live in New Jersey they have a rule that if you apply for a passport you have to have a valid NJ Driver’s License.

Uh. I don’t have one of those. See, last year Denis and I went and took the driver’s test (yes, we had to actually take a written test even though 99% of the other states just allow you to fill out a “change of address” form). Denis passed. I failed. What’s ironic is that Denis had only driven a handful of times up to that point and I’d been driving since I was 16. Oh yeah, I know irony when I see it.

So this means I gotta go ahead and study for that stupid written test, take the test (and pass), and then I can go get my passport.

You know, I love my neighborhood. But I hate New Jersey.

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  1. The good news is…that once the baby is born you won’t have the time, energy or money to travel any where that would require a passport. So, I say don’t even stress yourself out now… wait until you have to get the baby a passport too and by then you will have found the one that Denis lost.

  2. I agree with Tara. If you’re not going out of the US until after the baby arrives, then wait until then to get your passport. You don’t need it now, do you?

    Good grief…

  3. NEW JERSEY ROX DUMASS and at least ya dont havta pump ya own gas. plus if u went thru penn state and that happened, then u would hate penn state. not my problem ur so god dang dumb =D

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