Sometimes My Brain Hurts

Okay, so for the past few days I’ve been trying to see up a function so that when you come to my page you can see exactly what I’m listening to on my computer at the very same time. I found a neat little plugin that lots of other bloggers use, and decided to live a little and do the same thing.

But who knew that it would be like cracking a code to get this thing to work? I’ve emailed a couple bloggers, who have been helpful. I’ve gone on message boards and asked for help – and gotten some great help. But for some unknown reason it’s not showing up. See that “courtesy of DoSomething” on the left in my sidebar? That’s where it’s supposed to appear. You are supposed to see that right now as I type this I’m listening to VeggieTales – The Hairbrush Song. But you don’t know that – because it’s not listing it like it should. My goal: to have this working by the end of the day. If you have any advice – please feel free to comment!

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