Sometimes I Underestimate Her

Toddler Daughter is 2 years and five months old. Since I’ve never raised a toddler before I just haven’t ever experienced the day to day growth of a child. Today CootieGirl did something that I’m sure a lot of 2 year/5 month kids do, but I’ve never seen HER do it so I was quite amazed.

We were in the living room and she decided she wanted her shoes (a delightful pair of plastic high heels that she received as part of a birthday gift in April). She went upstairs and searched around but couldn’t find them. She came back down and stopped halfway, saying, “Mama, shoes!”

I said, “They are in MY room laying on the floor next to the tv.”

She went upstairs and a few moments later was back down, high heels in hand.

Now, I give her instructions all the time, tell her where things are, and she’s great at remember the instructions for most single step items. Maybe I’ve given her multiple instructions before and just never paid attention to how she carries out the task, but for her to run upstairs and get the shoes impressed me.

Earlier this afternoon as I was making her lunch, she decided she wanted to watch her Bernstain Bears dvd. However, I had moved it from the table where it had been this morning. When she saw it was missing, she asked, “Where Berenstain Bears go?” Yes, a full four word sentence. It was thrilling. Usually she’ll try to get by with the two most important words, such as “Where bears?” But to have her basically say a nearly complete sentence was awesome. And the fact that she knows that they are BERENSTAIN bears cracked me up.

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