Something Fun

I found this poll over at My Messy Mind and thought it was cute and fun. My comments in italics

I am:
Very strong strong like in my personality? Sure. Strong as in can lift 250 lbs over my head? Not quite.
a bit self-willed Who, me? of course i am
independent very
does not allow contradiction or arguments *snort* so true. I had when people go against me
loves life definitely
its family all the way
children and animals most definitely. I’m a sucker for a cute kid (especially mine) or sick animals in need of care
a bit of a butterfly in that I flit about from place to place? Yes.
good sense of humor I agree. I do have an outstanding sense of humor.
likes idleness and laziness oh baby, have they captured me or what? My favorite day: sitting on a sofa watching tv doing nothing while dishes need washing, house needs cleaning, and yard needs tending.
of practical talent and intelligence. You’d think I made this thing up myself – but it’s true. I am exceptionally talented and have an amazing intellect. Seriously. I do. Why are you laughing?

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