Someone’s Got a Case of the Mondays

It’s already 1:24 p.m. but I have neglected to say that today has been a horrible workday. I figured since one of my bosses was traveling I’d be able to have a leisurely day doing expenses and the odd task here and there.

But thanks to another one of my bosses, I was inundated with emails that he sent yesterday. Among other things I had to do today, he needed presentations done today, various letters that needed to be sent out, two mail merges to coordinate, about 100 business cards from another banker that need to be input into the database, expenses that need to be done for all three bosses, travel for another boss and his lackey, a weekly report that goes out every Monday, and various other smaller things. Not a pleasant day.

I’ve been running ragged, but I’ve managed to get everything done save expense reports, business card input, and one mail merge. I’ll wait and do expenses tomorrow, and I’ll do the business cards this afternoon once all the head honchos go into a 4 p.m. meeting. So that leaves me with the mail merge.

Ordinarily mail merges are pretty standard – but in this case my boss decided to make it difficult. I can’t just do a regular mail merge and be done with it – no, he wants ccs on only some of the letters, he only wants HIS name on some of the letters (as opposed to having it come from the two bankers on the original letter, and he wants yet another banker to appear on the letter for still yet other letters.

What’s the big deal? you say. Why not just do three separate mail merges? Because that would mean separating out the master list of names into three separate lists – timeconsuming in and of itself.

It’s days like this when my first instinct is to say, “I need a drink.” And because I’ve sworn off chocolate, this is the first time in the entire Lent season that I REALLY miss the ability to make some Malibu Rum and chocolate milk.

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  1. Bored by what? My job? Not really – it’s not compelling, but it’s not boring either.

    I plan on being off chocolates only until Sunday. Then I’m going to celebrate Easter with a large glass of Chocolate Milk and a Cadbury Egg.

    And then I’ll only have chocolate one time a week if I can help it. We’ll see.

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