Someone Bring Me a Drool Cup

I’ve been vaguely following the story of the movie they plan on making about Batman & Superman. Well, they’ve announced who’s going to be in the flick and all I have to say is hummina hummina hummina. I think I’ll be seeing this a few times if these guys are in it. Even if it’s terrible.

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  1. You’re such a tease, making us click through to find out who got the parts. I know Jude Law but who the heck is Colin Farrell? I know Colin Furth and Colin Quinn and Tom Colins.

  2. Colin Farrell was in “Minority Report” – the guy that was chasing Tom Cruise’s character.

  3. HOLY * MAN! I read the first 2 names and I was like WOOHA!, I’m seeing that one for sure…. And that was only 2 of the hunks… then I kept reading James Franco, Jude Law and Paul Walker, and I was like DOUBLE WOOHA! 5 of the most ultimate damn hot hunks in this world! I have to see that when it comes out… But hopefully they dont wear masks haha… I probably won’t pay attention to the story plot lol…COLIN FARELL IS * HOT! Thats how I got to this page even… looking up colin farell pics lol

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