Someday I’ll Win

So I’m on a mission. A mission to win. You all know that I entered the “HGTV Fall Sweepstakes” contest they held in September. Out of the 30 possible entries I think I ended up with 22 total entries – not bad considering I saw the contest on the fourth day of availability. Grand prize: $100K for home renovation & $50K towards new furniture.

Vonage just started it’s own sweepstakes, which I’ve been doing every weekday for the past two weeks. For that sweepstakes they are giving away one million frequent flier miles as a grand prize, and for secondary prizes they are giving six Ambassador trips for 2, $1,000 CASH, iTunes gift cards, Free Vonage phone service, and gift certificates to Amazon. I could do a lot with 1,000,000 frequent flier miles.

Now, I don’t need Polident, but that won’t stop me from buying five boxes in order to get some free airfare, even if you can only travel in Continental US. Free airfare is free airfare, I don’t care HOW you look at it. And I can ebay the Polident, for heaven’s sake. And that’s not even a prize – that’s just a promotion they are doing.

Lastly, let’s talk “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. I’ve been watching that show every workday since starting at The Company. And I could do that show. I think I’d easily take home $16K, possibly $25K if the questions were good to me. And after taxes, $10K (on $16K) would be a nice way to get rid of some debt and be “in the black” when paying bills again. So on Friday I filled out their form to apply for the show. They have having NYC auditions (they don’t do the phone contests anymore) twice in October and twice in November. I asked to be called for the two October dates if they decided to invite me to audition.

And of course, let’s not forget good old faithful – MegaMillions. I think the drawing is for $42M tomorrow night. I have no objection to buying two $1 tickets and seeing if it happens.

Why do I do these contests and such? Because while I know God provides (and has provided amply over the years), who’s to say He won’t provide in this particular manner?

Update at 11:04 a.m.: I just received my confirmation email from “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” – I’m scheduled to audition on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30 p.m. This will mean I have to get off work early to go into the city. I’ll have to wait and see – if my bosses are both traveling that day it’ll be easier to get permission to leave early without having to actually take official unpaid time off. If I go, I’ll have to take a timed written test. If I get a passing score I’ll go into the interview phase, and if I pass that then I’ll go into a contestant pool from which they’ll choose contestants for episodes filming in November and December.

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  1. Just remember that you have a future BIL who is both an poli sci and an engineering smarty. I assume I’d be a phone-a-friend, too? 😉

  2. Anybody else thinking about movie that just came out about the woman in the 50’s who enters all these contests to feed her family. Can you say Jaynee?

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