Some Updates

1) Baby fish are doing well. All four are still alive and growing. I think I’ll release the biggest one into the general population sometime next weekend. He’s finally big enough that I don’t think Mami Gourami will harm him.

2) I was going to go visit my sister at the end of March when she gives birth to her second kid (gender unknown), but have opted to move the trip to the dates when CootieGirl is on spring break in April. This way I can take both kids and give Denis a respite.

3) Speaking of Denis, he has had two infections for the past few weeks. He has spent a lot of money on co-pays and meds, but has gotten virtually no relief. However, we’re hoping that the worst of it is over.

4) Our new CPU for the computer arrived and will be set up post-haste. VERY excited to have a machine that works again!

5) Because our computer is kaput my freelance jobs have also been on hold. However, I’m hoping that this weekend I can crank out the first drafts of the last part of the larger project so that I can get this thing done. I’d love to have a March 1 payday for that last portion, so that I can go into March with no deadlines over my head!

6) I want to organize all our tax documents over the weekend so I can get them over to our tax preparer on Monday. I’ve decided to DEFINITELY shut down my blanket business, so this will be the last time I need to file for that (yay!). I just need to contact the SC business office to cancel my retail license.

7) This weekend I’m taking CootieBoy to a play in Charlotte. I bought the tickets last fall and it should be a fun few hours for him.

That’s about it for now.

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