Some Things I’m Working On

I’ve been trying to get ready for an art fair that I’m participating in in three weeks. I figure I need to have at least 40 paintings. I have 20. Yikes!

However, I have the following paintings in progress:

dottedteapot.jpgActually, this one is done, and I’ll most likely put it up for sale tomorrow. However, if it doesn’t sell in the next couple of weeks I will be giving it to my mother for a tea-related open house she is hosting in mid-May.

lisfor.jpgThis one is “L is for Lizard”. I have a second coat to put on the lizard. The trouble is that I’ve run out of letters for the words “is for”, and have to wait to get new ones. But to get new ones I need to wait for my wholesale account to go live at a website I found that offers individual letters for sale instead of sets. I’m hoping that goes through tomorrow so that I can order the letters and have them by the end of the week.

risfor.jpgThat’s the same reason this one isn’t up at Etsy yet. “R is for Rabbit” although someone tried to talk me into “B is for Bunny”. Once I have the letters in stock, this will be posted at Etsy for sale.

I’ve officially switched to stretched canvas and it’s very different than painting on canvas boards.

I also tried my hand at abstract painting this weekend and believe it or not – it’s hard. I wasted two 9×12 stretched canvases on the attempt and I will not be trying again. For all those abstract paintings that I pointed to and said, “Bah – I could do that!”, I was wrong. I cannot do that. It’s very hard and I freely admit I’m incapable of thinking that abstractly. So it’s bunnies and flowers for me.

Speaking of flowers, my newest Flower Power is up at Etsy (see Etsy sidebar for photo). Much different from the one that sold a couple weeks ago, but nice. I laughed when I realized the flower is in Redskins colors.

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