So You Think You Can Dance

What makes a fun night?

1) A great seat
2) An enthusiastic crowd
3) Amazing dancers

My evening at the “SYTYCD” tour was excellent. My seat outstanding – on the aisle, about 20 rows from the stage. The only downside was the seat itself was uncomfortable and the guy two rows ahead of me was VERY tall, requiring me to lean over quite a lot. Fortunately the guy sitting next to me (he and his partner are Ace and Anthony in 30 years) was very understanding about it.

I was disappointed that Lacey wasn’t performing – apparently she has an injury. Seeing as she was my favorite female this season next to Sabra, that made me sad. However, they brought back some folks who didn’t make top 10, which was cool. They also brought back folks like Anya and Hok. They did all of the most memorable routines but also did over half a dozen brand new things done specifically for the tour.

The only “bad” part of the show was the patter between each song. These kids are not actors, and yet they are forced to do these poorly written comedy bits that are just awful. Despite that, it was a fun show and I’ll definitely get a ticket for next year’s tour if the routines are as amazing as the ones they did this past season.

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  1. Ace, I don’t mean that you’d go to a dance tour stop, so much as everything about them reminded me of you and A and that in 30 years you’ll be just like them – SYTYCD or no.

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