So What If It’s Pink?

Denis just took CB out for a ride on CG’s pink Barbie bike. At first when we asked him if he wanted to go out on CG’s bike he said no. “That’s a girl bike,” he protested. I told CB that if he liked it, maybe he could ask Santa for a bike for Christmas.

“A girl bike or a boy bike?” he asked.

“A boy bike!”

“Okay! I wanna ride CG’s bike!”

And off they went. Denis reported that CB did a great job and was able to keep his balance on the training wheels (which don’t quite touch the ground on both sides). That’s good news that he enjoyed it because once the pool closes in September we’ll need some other sort of activity to keep him active.

Side note and a total non sequitur: The drummer dude that lives across the street has his buddies over and they’ve been playing “music” for the past couple of hours. I’m sure the new neighbors (with a 13-month old baby) are LOVING that.

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