So What Happens When You Win $350M in the Lottery

Well, it’s not $1.6 billion like the jackpot back in January of this year, but $350M would be a nice prize as well. That’s $155M after all taxes for those living in our state.

CootieBoy said the only thing he wants if we win is a Wii U. I told him that was a more than acceptable request.

Then he asked for a TV in his room, and I said that was NOT an acceptable request.

He was not happy.

Then he asked if he could be homeschooled if we won the lottery. I said that was an acceptable request.

Then he asked if I’d be his teacher, and I said that was NOT an acceptable request.

He was fine with that.

I mentioned that if we won the lottery we’d move into a big fancy house on the nearby lake. He said that was not an acceptable request and that WE WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO MOVE OUT OF OUR HOUSE EVER.

I’m fine with that. But we’ll be doing a LOT of renovations if that’s the case. Fortunately for us, if we win the lottery, we won’t have to worry about a budget.

What would I do with our house?

Well, an in-ground pool in the backyard, for starters. That’s a must-have. With a beautiful top-of-the-line screened-in porch.

I’d convert our attic into living space – at least two more bedrooms and full bathroom. My kids may barely be in their teens, but I’m already planning for future grandkids to come and visit and will need space for our kids and their spouses, as well as their kids come holidays and summer vacations.

I’d go ahead and blow out the back wall of our family room and make that space much bigger. It’s currently 14×19 and BARELY fits all the people we play our annual White Elephant game each Christmas. If we expand it to be 20×19 it’ll be exactly what we need to make it not so cramped in there. Yes, I’d do a renovation simply to manage crowd-control for one night of the year.

While that renovation is going on, I’d do the same thing to the room above the family room. It’s currently a bedroom, but I would make the bedroom larger so that we could add a full bathroom for that bedroom.

End result would be a 6 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath house with an in-ground pool and a large gathering space for big family events or our annual Christmas party. And no need to pack up and move.

The ONLY thing the lottery money can’t buy is a bigger front yard so that I can expand our Christmas light display. But I can guarantee our display would be AMAZING if we had lottery money to fund it (read: PIXELS, BABY).

*sigh* Lottery dreams sure are fun, aren’t they?

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