So this is how it begins…

Okay, so we’ve never done a blog (“online journal” for those not familiar with the term) and I have basically pulled out all of my hair trying to figure out how to set one of these up. First off, Blogger sucks. Secondly, so does Moveable Type (which makes pretty websites but practically requires a Ph.D. in computer programming to use). But finally, Greymatter hooked us up and I think we’ll be able to do this with very little pain.

We’re on a countdown to our five year anniversary this week. I was surprised at work today…

I was in the middle of a huge mailing for one of my bankers and the receptionist called and said “Come up front – there’s something here for you.” I figured it was the CD of my pal John Austin that I had ordered last week. Lo and behold I get up to the front desk and see a mammoth-sized flower arrangement. It’s quite lovely and tomorrow I’ll have a digital piccy for you to see it. Happy Anniversary to me. Denis, you get a card. Sorry, hun.

Anyway, as we get Cootiehog off the ground, feel free to email us or make comments. I know I know – you’re first question is “what on earth is a Cootiehog?” Well, a Cootiehog is my husband. He hogs the bed at night and the only way I can get him to move is to claim I don’t want his cooties near me. Thus is born the Cootiehog.

So give us a couple weeks to make this thing more “personalized” with our own info. Til then – thanks for your patronage!

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