SO Proud of My CootieGirl

My facial this morning was fabulous – I also had her wax my eyebrows, which were long overdue. What a GREAT way to start my day.

I then went and picked up CootieGirl, and off we went to get her haircut. She was very excited when I picked her up – in fact, she already had her coat on and was sitting by the door waiting for me. *lol* She practically floated to the car she was so excited. And she loved the salon – it’s a kid-friendly place that was filled with bright colors, toys and fun chairs. CootieGirl picked up a regular chair though.


The girl cutting her hair was so excited it was a Locks of Love cut. She measured out CootieGirl’s hair and put it into a ponytail to show me where the cut would be.


It was a good length and I told her to go for it. The girl did it so fast I almost didn’t capture it on video tape!! CootieGirl was a pro and sat patiently and didn’t even flinch when it got cut – in fact, she wanted to hold the ponytail as soon as it was cut off. But she sat patiently while the ends of her hair were evened out and cleaned up.


She did get restless after a few minutes, asking why it was still being cut. I explained that she would know it was almost done when her bangs got cut. Sure enough, as soon as her bangs were trimmed she said, “Are we done?” With that, she hopped out of her chair.


The other people in the salon were all gushing over the color of her hair – and looking at the ponytail up close it really is magnificent. The red highlights in her hair are GORGEOUS and I know whoever gets a wig made of this hair is going to LOVE IT. I asked CootieGirl if she liked her hair, and she gave it her approval.


The stylist grabbed her camera so she could document it for the shop – they have a board showing all the little girls who have cut their hair in the past to donate it to Locks of Love. CootieGirl is very excited that her picture is on the board.


And the bonus? The salon didn’t charge me for the haircut! Apparently they love Locks of Love so much that when people get their hair cut for the group, they don’t charge anything. VERY cool.

From there I took CootieGirl across the street to get a strawberry milkshake as a reward – she was so chirpy and happy about her haircut. I then took her back to school where she showed off her new ‘do to her friends.

ACK! I just realized I forgot to tip the girl for the haircut! I’ll head over there this weekend and give her the money. I can’t believe I forgot to do that. I was just so taken aback by not having to pay for it that I put my wallet away without even thinking about it.

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  1. New Hair cut is very cute… for some reason I thought it was going to be cut shorter.. which made me nervous but I think its a great length.

  2. Oh my gosh, she looks darling with her new hair cut!!! I cut 10″ of my own hair a couple of years ago for Locks of Love, great organization! Yay for CootieGirl for her generous donation!

  3. Just because you forgot the tip, doesn’t mean you have to give more than you were going to tip when you go back.

    It looks great. And most of all, I’m happy she’s happy with it. I miss the long hair, but it will grow back, right? She may never want to grow it that long again though.

  4. Just need to add, thanks the Democratic-led Congress, the Cootie’s could be looking at an extra $1,800 in their tax return. Thank you Dems for looking out for the working man (and woman)’s best interests.

  5. Cottiegirl looks adorable! I love it! Give her a hug, please, and tell her how proud Marmie is of her.

    Ahem, D, I believe it was Bush’s idea for the refund. Not good to bite the hand that feeds you. 🙂

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