So NOT The Bees Knees

Okay, so we’ve only been in our house for 9 months or so. And last summer we noticed a lot of bees that hung out near our back deck – even spied a hole that they sometimes used. Well, winter came, the bees went away, and we thought nothing of it. Until now.

A couple weeks ago we started discovering a bee here or there in our house. Denis noticed a window that was cracked open along the top and once tightly shut we thought we had solved our little problem. Well, we keep finding bees in the house. Armed with a hefty can of bee-killer-stuff, I went out tonight after we got home (having found another bee in the living room) and promptly began spraying this bee-killer-stuff into the little hole. Sure enough, a little dying yellowjacket came crawling out, gasping his last breath. I felt victorious, needless to say. Denis came out and took over the bee killing and once he got going we started seeing bees come crawling out of the SHINGLES ON THE ROOF OF OUR SUNROOM! Frankly, it was gross to see my roof undulate with writhing bee bodies. But again, hello victory.

So we’ve called a pest control service and asked them to come over ASAP tomorrow morning. I mean, I’m not going to sleep well tonight envisioning a coup of bees swarming my house and stinging me repeatedly, whispering death threats in my ear all the while.

So much for a quiet romantical 5th anniversary for Denis and me at home tonight. I’m gonna keep one eye on the sunroom all night checking for impending vengence! So not the way I wanted this night to end.

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