So Much To Do

Tonight I’m on a mission. A mission to find the following items:

  • a VCR that is less than 13″ wide (Costco or Target)
  • a walnut-colored bookcase for the living room (Target)
  • metal bookcase for the basement (Home Depot)
  • some real and some fake plants and trees for placing around the living room, dining room and sunroom (Home Depot and Target)
  • Plaster and a manual sander (Home Depot).

    Fortunately, my neighbor Lydia has graciously agreed to watch CootieGirl for the roughly 2 hours I’ll need to hit all the stores to find the previously mentioned items, before I come home, light a fire in my newly exposed fireplace (we had a sofa in front of it all summer), and begin plastering the uneven wall in our dining room that was revealed when we took down the wallpaper. Then I’ll slather another coat of paint on the other three walls and call it a night.

    Tomorrow it’s up EARLY EARLY EARLY to paint the plastered wall and put together whatever bookcases I buy tonight. Head to small group at 10 a.m., and upon arriving home at noon or so, drop off CootieGirl to Lydia’s again and put the last coat on ALL the walls of the dining room. Then I bring CootieGirl back home and we take a break to watch a movie. Then I have someplace to be that early evening – but I’ll only hang for a little bit before coming back home to do touch-up work in the dining room and bring in the pieces of furniture I can carry on my own (chairs, the liquor cabinet).

    Long day – I’m gonna sleep GREAT the next two nights – that is, if CootieGirl also sleeps well (which she has been now that she sleeps on her belly instead of her back).

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    1. Status:
      VCR : didn’t find one less than 13″ wide
      liv. room bookcase : found! and put together!
      basement bookcase : bought! putting together tomorrow!
      real/fake plants : bought one fake one, will go back for real one tomorrow.
      Plaster and a manual sander : bought! and used on dining room wall!

      Today I did some painting in the dining room, bought an end table for the living room and put together the bookcase I bought last night. As soon as CootieGirl falls asleep I’ll do the rest of the dining room painting and trim if it’s not too late.

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