So Much For That

So much for posting every day in February. On Saturday night at 11:45 p.m. I remembered that I hadn’t posted but didn’t want to get out of bed. It was a busy weekend and didn’t involve much computer access at all!

We saw lots of movies but I’ll save that for another post. The snow is finally gone – there are just small little hills of snow now but it’s pretty much gone. And with predictions of 57 degrees for tomorrow we’ll be snow-free by tomorrow afternoon, I’m sure!

I’m wearing heels today. Don’t believe me? Look at today’s picture on the Moblog and you’ll see the new shoes. I haven’t worn heels in about five years – no kidding. But yesterday I was at Target and decided it was time to either hem all of my pants or buy some heels. The heels won because I can’t be bothered going to a tailor to have all of my pants hemmed. I’m a bit teeter-y because I’m not used to wearing them, but give me a few weeks and I’ll be zooming around the city with the best of them.

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