So Much For Bandini

So a long-shot won the Kentucky Derby. Going at 50-1, Giacomo won the race and the “sure thing” Bellamy road came in fifth. Denis thinks this means Joe Torre will get fired now that Georgieboy is mad he lost his horse race and can focus on baseball again. I’m just mad that Bandini came in NEXT TO LAST. *lol* And Noble Causeway didn’t do much better.

It was an interesting race though. My co-workers will be happy they won a couple bucks for Afleet Alex coming in third. But at a $4.60 payout on a $2 bet, they didn’t get much. I think I calculated that they get $11.50 if they bet $5.

Ace and Anthony came over with “Shout at the Movies, Disk 4”, a cd-rom game that we played a few weeks ago when my family was in town for CootieBoy’s dedication. Ace and I were a team vs. Denis and Anthony and we kicked serious butt. Going into the final question they had 25 and we had 78. We ended up getting the final answer correctly and the end score was 108-0, Ace & Jaynee winning. Which means Ace and I would win The Amazing Race because we decided that this game would determine who would do better on TAR.

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  1. “Ooh, we need to play when I come up with Dave in a couple of weeks!”

    I’m all for that!

    You know Jen, when we were at Target picking up the DVD game, I couldn’t quite remember which one you had… I opted for #4 cause I thought you said your disc was either #1 or #2. I was going to get #3, but… it was just too close to #2 that I opted for #4. /ramble

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