So Many Blogs, So Little Time

The idea came from Rain-Angel, and I’m running with it. I went to the webrings I’m a member of and decided to post links to the people on either side of me:

Verbosity: Secret, which is a new blog by a gal in Illinois, and Madolog, a blog by an Australian woman who posts more in one day than most people!

i love to blog: By coincidence, a blog I read regularly, Breakfast of Champions is on one side of me. She has a GREAT blog that is highly entertaining. On the other side is Beyond Your Peripheral Vision, which is a bit hard to read visually (the text was very dark against a dark background), but content is chock-full and worth the eye-strain.

Six Degrees of Separation: Scopophilia is from Leslie in Washington who is a film student. In particular, I love her April 25, 2002 entry. Made me laugh. On the other side is Dawson dot com, which I have also visited on several occasions. It’s got tons of links and info and is worth checking out.

I only recently joined the NJ Bloggers ring, and have not been included on that one yet, thus not listing my co-ringers. And wander-lust doesn’t list all it’s users, although it keeps you informed of the latest updated sites and the Top 40 most popular. I love that site.


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