So How About That Long Day, Huh?

I got out of work last night around 8:30 p.m. CB was only slightly upset that we couldn’t go rollerskating. He gave me a cutesy frowny face when I told him, but then recovered and showed me he was watching Scooby-Doo on TV. About 20 minutes later he happily ran up to bed, so I was relieved that not going rollerskating wasn’t too upsetting for him since he had been looking forward to it.

At that point I was pretty much braindead, but managed to watch a movie AND stay awake for the whole thing (review is coming up later today). Then I shuffled upstairs and went to bed.

We’ve been working with CB to have him not wear pullups at night anymore. He stays dry most nights, and we figured it was time. He has done well for the most part – only a couple accidents. It has also been helpful in curbing his attempts to crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night. For the past few nights as I’ve been putting him to bed I’ve been saying, “Make sure you stay in your own bed tonight, but if you have to go potty, get up and go, then come back to your room.”

“Okay, mama.”

So far so good. Granted, he has still come in at 5:45 a.m. a couple times, but that’s better than 2:15 a.m.! I know over time he’ll get better about it and will stop coming in at all. And I cannot WAIT until he’s out of pullups for good. That’s a needless grocery expense that I can’t wait to be done with altogether (in fact, I don’t plan on buying any ever again – the couple dozen we have now are IT).

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  1. LOL, you always jinx yourself: “(in fact, I don’t plan on buying any ever again – the couple dozen we have now are IT).”

    As for movies, I watched the movie called Orphanage this past weekend. I believe its by the same director as Hell Boy and Pan Labyrinth…. anyway, what a freaky movie. Of course I thought Pan’s Labyrinth was a bit strange, but Orphanage takes the cake with Crazy.

    Tonights Movies: 10,000 BC and the Direct to DVD Sequel of Lost Boys! You know I love me some vampire movies.. but how good can it really be if its a direct to DVD.

  2. ACE, direct to dvd doesnt HAVE to be bad. I really enjoyed the Stargate SG-1 direct to dvd movie “Ark of Truth” and I hear that the next one “Continuum” is even better.

    Pan’s Labyrinth was very strange…if Orphanage is even weirder I think I’ll just skip it.

    Lynellens last blog post..Found another Lynellen

  3. Lynellen, I will have to check out the Stargate SG-1 Direct to DVD movies…. I used to watch the show but lost interest ages ago. I even tried to watch Stargate Atlantis… didn’t do it for me.

    As for the Direct to DVD movie “Lost Boys: The Tribe”… The only great thing about this movie was Cory Feldman. He totally got right back into Character as one of the Frog Brothers from the Original and brought it back to life. The story was just aweful and getting “who I think is” Keifers Sutherlands brother to play a Lacky for the head Vampire is just terrible. If you are a fan of Vampire Movies then you will see, in the very begining, the mexican guy from Dawn of the Dead. I wasn’t a big fan of the rest of the casting and the story was weak.
    As Jaynee would say:
    1 Burning Barrel out of 5.

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