So Frickin’ Tired

Another rough night with CootieGirl. She refused to sleep in her own bed because she needed her nose cleaned every 10 minutes or so. At about 9:30 p.m. I put her in our bed and watched tv as she slept next to me, periodically waking up and asking for her tissue. After over an hour she finally passed out completely and I wasn’t too far behind her.

At some point Denis got home from his night out and I had no energy to put CootieGirl in her own bed at that point – I was afraid she’d wake up and begin the battle all over again.

So what did this mean? It meant that once again I slept on the edge of the bed, with no covers (between Denis and CootieGirl there was nothing left for me). This morning my back was killing me, my daughter was smothering me, and as of now, 11:04 a.m. I can barely stay awake.

But I have to stay awake because Stuart from is coming over to interview me abotu blogging in Essex County. I hope it doesn’t take long because I’ll need a nap before I head out to the NJ BlogMeet.

*yawn* I need a vacation.

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  1. wow aren’t you becoming quite the celeb!!
    CNN was just the beginning.
    Justine was on TRL, you will have to see the tape!

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