So Far, A Good Workday Today

I got some GREAT news today. The Powers That Be have decided to move away the banker that I don’t get along with, and give me a different banker. I’m SO pleased by this news I can’t even tell you. It’s going to complete rejuvenate my desire to come into work – I’ll be supporting four bankers, three of which are complete wackos (in a good way) and a blast to work for.

The only chink in the chain: Apparently my “new” banker doesn’t want to walk the 20 feet from his office to my desk, and feels it’s important to have an admin right outside his doorway. What’s funny about that is that he has no problem walking the 20 feet just to pester and joke around with me, so what’s the difference? Mare-Bear and I think that he really just wants to have the new hot admin work for him instead. I don’t take that as an insult – when given the choice between Hot New Admin and Sometimes Cranky Jaynee, I’d choose HNA, too!

So there are going to be a lot of positive changes around here in 2003. My morale rises a notch each day, although I’m sad that Cathleen is gone as of today for her maternity leave. She won’t be coming back, which Mare-Bear and I aren’t happy about. But we think the Cute New Admin that is replacing her will be another welcome addition along with Hot New Admin. But she’s no Cathleen.

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  1. *chuckle*

    For a second there I thought you had changed Hot New Admin’s name to Cute New Admin. It gets a little confusing. Are they going to keep those names long-term or will you assign new names based on their real names, ala Mare-Bear?

    Good news on the banker move.

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