So Excited!

I turned in my name a couple weeks ago for a free blog redesign from Ciao My Bella Designs and I’m officially on the list for Round One! I was able to email them what I’m hoping to have Cootiehog look like, and they’ll create a complete blog design for me – for FREE. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I may enter Cootiepie for a free design as well. I’m kind of getting sick of the Tigger theme and would love to have one done with this picture as a focal point:

Update: Now I’m even MORE excited – Bella just confirmed that she can do not only CootieGirl’s blog but CootieBoy’s as well! All three websites will be completed revamped in the next week or two. SO excited!

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  1. That is my “new” favorite picture of CootieGirl. I hope it all works out. That would be fantatic, of course anything “FREE” is fantastic in book.

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