Snowy Sunday

It is officially snowing here in South Carolina. I had my doubts when they claimed on Friday that we’d be getting snow, but I’ll begrudgingly admit that they were right.

The kids have been AMAZINGLY well behaved today. From the minute they got up they have gotten along famously. They have been playing games all day and whenever they have played videogames they have cooperated (which doesn’t normally happen due to different skill levels). They are obviously very excited about the snow. CootieGirl even moreso since it means that school will almost definitely be cancelled for tomorrow.

That’s about it really. I do have a post coming up next that will be password protected for those that have the password. If you can’t remember the password – don’t worry, if you are on my list, you’ll get an email with the password momentarily.

Update 5 minutes later: Okay, within five minutes of me posting this, the school district called to cancel school for tomorrow.

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